In line with global health care market, AccuGene, Inc. was established with the vision of mitigating
and eliminating causes of diseases through comprehensive human genetic testing using future molecular diagnostic
technologies including NGS(Next Generation Sequencing) and ddPCR(Digital droplet PCR).

Start with Accuracy

Start with Accuracy!

AccuGene, Inc. will lead the paradigm shift in medical industry from
treatment to prevention through genetic testing, cutting-edge diagnostics development, and precision medicine with family medicine specialists and researchers with Masters and phD in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Accuracy begins Here!

Through the development of basic reagents and various
diagnostic kits for precise diagnosis, we will take the lead
in the realization of GP(General Practitioner)-oriented
disease prevention and precision medicine.

Accuracy begins Here

Business Strategy

CI guide

AccuGene Identity

As the familiar design that positively shapes the DNA double helix,
not only intuitively connects the AccuGene's brand service but also symbolizes the union of technology and human.

AccuGene Identity

AccuGene Blue
Technology and Trust

AccuGene Yellow
Human and Expandability

Business Area

According to the type of service, used cold color (including green) for reagents,
machines/equipments(relative to reagents) or diagnostic kits,
warm color for service or business, and gray for software.

Business Area